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CyberTools v1.5 - Awesome Web Tools - nulled

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CyberTools - Awesome Web Tools (item ID: 39362748) is an item from in category php-scripts. This is a premium item and their price is $49 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author BitFlan sold about 443 items from the release date 2022-08-29. CyberTools - Awesome Web Tools enjoys sound reputation, so 41 user(s) rated it with 4.63 stars. Now, you can free download CyberTools - Awesome Web Tools in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.

CyberTools is a collection of useful tools and utilities people often search for on the internet. It has a lot of amazing tools that your users can use in their day-to-day tasks we will keep adding new tools in updates. It is built on the Latest Laravel framework which utilizes PHP 8.0+ massive performance boost It is built with a fully responsive design based on Latest Twitter Bootstrap to ensure that your website will look flawless and beautiful on every mobile and desktop device. It also has strong cross-browser support. You can earn by placing Google Adsense Ads or similar Advertising platforms. We are adding subscriptions in the next update to convert it into a SaaS product. You can earn money by offering paid memberships to the users. There is much more to discover for you & we have great plans for future updates.

Features of CyberTools:

✅ Fully Featured Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform
✅ More than 54 Unique Web Tools
✅ Multi-Language Support
✅ Google Adsense Friendly
✅ SMTP Support
✅ Static Pages (Translatable)
✅ Contact Form
✅ Beautiful / Responsive Design
✅ Built with Modern Tools & Technologies
✅ Optimized for Speed
✅ Frequent Updates

Upcoming Features:

✅ LTR / RTL Support
✅ Dark Theme
✅ Premium Memberships
⏰ More than 100 Web Tools

Demo Details

Front-End Demo

Admin Demo
Email: [email protected]
Password: administrator


  • PHP 8.x
  • MySQL Database
  • Storage & Public Directories writable.
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO MySQL PHP Extension
  • Tokenizr PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • INTL PHP Extension
  • ZIP PHP Extension (Optional)


 v.1.8 -------- - Added Quoted Printable Encode/Decode. - Added Open Port Checker. - Added Bulk Password Generator. - Added SMTP Tester. - Added DNS Lookup. - Added Random Text Line. - Added Base64 Text Encode/Decode. - Added SSL Checker. - Added JSON to XML. - Added JSON beautifier. - Added JSON Validator. - Added BMI Calculator. - Added Check GZIP Compression. - Added What is My Browser. - Added Download Button For Youtube Thumbnail. - Added Download Button For QR Code. - Added OG image settings in Admin panel General Settings. - Added Body tags support in Admin Panel General Settings. - Added Tool Search on Every page. - Fixed Image Converter Tools. - Fixed Header Theme Icon Color. - Fixed HTML to Markdown issue. - Fixed Sitemap Issue. - Fixed SEO Issues (Headings etc). - Fixed CSS background images Issue. - Overall Optimized The Code. v.1.7.1 Hot Fix -------- - Two Fixes including incorrect sitemap generation and blog posting. v.1.7 Fixes & Improvements -------- - Fixed an issue where the sitemap generated was invalid. - Fixed an issue with Image Conversion Tools where the downloaded file name would be incorrect. v.1.6 Fixes & Improvements -------- - Fixed an issue with symlinks on certain servers. (If you are not able to load images properly, Go to your Admin Panel -> Tools -> Click on the Symlink Generator) - Fixed an issue where images did not show properly on certain websites. - Fixed various quality-of-life and SEO bugs on the website. - Fixed an issue where JSON to CSV tool did not work correctly. - Fixed various tools not working correctly. - Fixed an issue where various links did not redirect to the correct locations in the admin panel. - Various Performance Improvements all across the board. v1.5 SaaS Update -------- - New SaaS Module to convert the website into a Software-as-a-Service platform. - New Stripe Payments Module. Collect Payments via Stripe. - New Authentication Module. Login, Signup, Social Login & Settings for Customers. - New automatic billing module. User subscriptions are managed automatically. - New Premium Only tools module. Choose which tools can be used by Free and Premium members. - Added Word Density Counter Tool - Added Image Compressor Tool - Added Image Resizer Tool - Added PNG to JPG Tool - Added JPG to PNG Tool - Added PNG to WEBP Tool - Added JPG to WEBP Tool - Added WEBP to PNG Tool - Added WEBP to JPG Tool - Added Memory / Storage Converter Tool - Added Credit Card Validator Tool - Added Twitter SEO Card Generator Tool - Added Text Replacer Tool - Added Case Converter Tool - Added Text to Slug Converter Tool - Added Text Reverser Tool - Added Random Number Generator Tool - Added URL Parser Tool - Added Unicode to Punycode (IDN) Converter Tool - Added Punycode to Unicode (IDN) Converter Tool - Added Redirect Checker Tool - Added Palindrome Checker Tool - Added Source Code Downloader Tool - Added ROT13 Encoder Tool - Added ROT13 Decoder Tool v1.4 SEO Tools Update ------- - Added Privacy Policy Generator Tool - Added Terms of Service Generator Tool - Added Bulk Email Validator Tool - Added Robots.txt Generator Tool - Added HTACCESS Redirect Generator Tool - Added Blog Section - Fixed a crucial issue where certain MariaDB Servers would not work with the script. - Many Bugfixes - Performance Optimizations v1.3 -------- - Added SQL Formatter Tool - Added Password Strength Test Tool - Added IP Information Tool - Added URL Extractor Tool - Added E-Mail Extractor Tool - Added Line Break Removal Tool - Added Bcrypt Generator Tool - Added UUIDv4 Generator Tool - Added YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Tool - Added HTTP Status Code Checker Tool - Fixed a bug that prevented Word Counter from Working - Many Bug Fixes & Optimizations v1.2 -------- - Added Dark Theme. - Users can switch between Dark and Light Them. - Admin can set default theme between Dark and Light. - Add RTL Support - Add Sitemap Generator v1.1 -------- - Fixed an issue where some users could not switch the language. - Fixed an issue where certain servers could not process uploaded files. - Fixed an issue that prevented the Domain Generator tool from functioning properly. v1.0 -------- - Initial Release 
1.CPUMe provide the latest version of CyberTools - Awesome Web Tools. Even though it is impossible to guarantee that all items here contain nulled version or purchased code. We do not undertake any technology and copyright issues, there is no obligation to provide any technical support.
2.This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use. We will try to avoid the virus and keep the items pure. We will not liable for any responsibility caused by above actions and will reserve the right to the legal responsibility.
3.We highly recommend to buy CyberTools - Awesome Web Tools from the official site. In addition to a full range of services, you may avoid any security issues.

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