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File Manager Plugin For WordPress v7.5.4

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File Manager Plugin For WordPress (item ID: 2640424) is an item from in category wordpress. Advanced WP File manager let you are your users access files and folders they have been assigned, it has features like Image and text editing, shared folders, group folder access, front-end and backend folders access, you can let the file manager be used by non-logged-in users too, you can make it work like a download manager for the frontend users and much more. This is a premium item and their price is $19 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author getredhawkstudio sold about 3846 items from the release date 2012-07-13. File Manager Plugin For WordPress enjoys sound reputation, so 180 user(s) rated it with 4.39 stars. Now, you can free download File Manager Plugin For WordPress in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.


Easy to use WordPress File Manager plugin, which enables the users to view, edit and create files in the WordPress folder and its sub-folders. It has simple and elegant interface and can be easily used even by beginners. It has Windows-styled GUI, context menu (right click menu) shortcuts and image editing capabilities.
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Update Version 7.5 (10 March 2020):

  • Small Library Update
  • Documentation Link fix
  • Bug Fixes

Update Version 7.5 (22 August 2019):

  • Advanced Image Editor
  • Multiple Custom Roles for single user support.
  • Audio & Video Previews
  • Bug Fixes

Update Version 7.2 (25 June 2018):

  • View Office documents / PDFs in preview via google docs (right click > preview).
  • Fixed google chrome add-ons conflict.
  • Added option to change filemanager window height.
  • Improved user’s page with ajax pagination and search.
  • Other Bug Fixes.
  • Added callback hooks.
  • Improved Metro Theme.

Update Version 7.0 (7 Feb 2017):

  • Added themes to filemanager window.
  • Alows to hide file url
  • Allows to view documents in Google Docs (only the formats supported by google docs)
  • A few fixes

Update Version 6.0 (15 June 2016):

  • Elfinder 2.1 Updated
  • Folder Upload Support
  • Admin and User Email notifications on file upload.
  • Toolbar and Context Menu Customize
  • Folder Depth Set
  • Read/Upload Access Added
  • Better iPad/iPhone Support
  • Better Custom User Roles Support
  • Other Bug Fixes

Update (Auto-Update) Version 5.5 (8 October 2015):

Added the feature to restrict visibility of the filemanager for User groups, example shortcode: [fm_access group='administrator'] [filemanager foldername="*"] [/fm_access] The above code will allow only administrators to see the filemanager. This will help you add more than one filemanager in the front-end, each for one user group (user role).

Update Version 5.3 (10 December 2014):

  • Added WPML Support.
  • Image Sync Bug Fixed.
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Added Auto Updates Support.

Update Version 5.2 (13 July 2014):

  • Allows to disable default folders.
  • Shortcode that allows to view all the folders assigned to the user in the front-end.

Update Version 5.0 (22 June 2014):

  • Multi-Root Access For Folders.
  • Group Users Access.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Multiple Folders (Single Root) On The Front-end.

Update Version 4.0 (26 September 2013):

  • Multi-Folder Access.
  • Optional Same Folder Access to All Users.
  • Generate Shortcodes for each Folder.
  • Multiple Folders On The Front-end.

Other Features

Ban Access to Specified Users.

Enable/Disable File Manager.

Auto Folder Creation For All Users.

Icons for major file types, and thumbnails for images.

Supports Image editing (crop, rotate, resize).

Admin can set access permissions (Read/Write) for different users.

Admin can set folder permissions for different users.

Drag and Drop Support.

Cut/Copy/Paste Support.

Upload Files / Create Files.

Create Archives (Zip, Tar, BZip, GZip).

Text File Editing.

Icons / List Views.

Right-Click Menus.

Admin can show the file manager in the front-end of the website using a short-code (more details in the documentation), only visible to the users who have permission for it.

*This Plugin is based on an Open-Source File-Manager elfinder integrated with WordPress and additional Features listed above.


MWR says:
Its great to hear that u r working on ur great plugin! Thanks for the great support.
terryatsm says:
FYI ….this works great!


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