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Flight Sim v1.8 - HTML5 Game

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Flight Sim - HTML5 Game (item ID: 20501329) is an item from in category html5. This is a premium item and their price is $25 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author demonisblack sold about 118 items from the release date 2017-08-22. Flight Sim - HTML5 Game enjoys sound reputation, so 3 user(s) rated it with 5 stars. Now, you can free download Flight Sim - HTML5 Game in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.

Flight Sim is a HTML5 game where you have to guide aircraft to their landing zones, keep the skies safe to complete the levels to get high score.

The ZIP package contains the game with 1280×768 resolution that scales to fit the whole screen device, but it may not be perfectly full screen.

How To Play:
1) Guide planes and helicopters in to runway by drawing the paths
2) Don’t crash and complete the level to get high score

Build-In Editor Tool:
The game come with Build-In Editor tool, you can build and preview level easily with the tool.


This game is compatible with Scoreboard for HTML5 Games, it is a add-ons page where user can submit score and view top 10 leaderboard. You can get it here.


  • Total 8 Aircrafts and 12 Levels gameplay
  • Aircrafts Settings (Image Assets, Game Speed)
  • Levels Settings (Levels, Runway, Speed, Total Plane, Next Plane Timer)
  • Build-In Editor page to ad and edit levels runway
  • Complete game customization (Text Display, Image Assets)
  • Basic options (Enter FullScreen, Mute Sound, Exit Game)
  • Share Score (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp)
  • High Definition (1280×765)
  • Auto-Resize (Responsive)
  • Mouse and Touch Controls
  • Run in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Browser not support page
  • Mobile rotate instruction (For Landscape Only)
  • Make with CreateJS


 Version 2.0 - Updated sound function - Added music button Version 1.9 - Add-on script integrated Version 1.8: - Added game tutorial Version 1.7: - Update Google to Whatsapp share Version 1.6: - Fixed Build-in Editor issues Version 1.5: - Build-in Editor Tool UI improvements Version 1.4: - Fixed audio not playing in Chrome browser Version 1.3 - Added strokestyle for error landing plane - Option to draw auto path for landing zone Version 1.2 - Fixed planes collision on Desktop Chrome Version 1.1 - Fixed planes not moving issue - Added to 12 levels 
1.CPUMe provide the latest version of Flight Sim - HTML5 Game. Even though it is impossible to guarantee that all items here contain nulled version or purchased code. We do not undertake any technology and copyright issues, there is no obligation to provide any technical support.
2.This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use. We will try to avoid the virus and keep the items pure. We will not liable for any responsibility caused by above actions and will reserve the right to the legal responsibility.
3.We highly recommend to buy Flight Sim - HTML5 Game from the official site. In addition to a full range of services, you may avoid any security issues.

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