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Listing Manager v2.5.15 - WordPress Directory Plugin

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Listing Manager - WordPress Directory Plugin (item ID: 16250019) is an item from in category wordpress. Directory & listings WordPress plugin based on WooCommerce. This is a premium item and their price is $35 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author CodeVisionThemes sold about 894 items from the release date 2016-05-24. Listing Manager - WordPress Directory Plugin enjoys sound reputation, so 43 user(s) rated it with 3.3 stars. Now, you can free download Listing Manager - WordPress Directory Plugin in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.

Plugin does not contain designed components. It is up to theme to provide proper styling.

Please take a minute and read these information BEFORE purchase

  • Plugin Documentation
  • Minimal required PHP version 5.6, recommended 7.x
  • WooCommerce plugin is required to run Listing Manager.
  • Knowledge of WooCommerce is required.
  • You can find almost all answers in WooCommerce documentation.
  • Plugin does not provide design, it is up to theme authors to provide proper styling.
  • It is up to theme author to provide design.
  • Please check the FAQ sections below.
  • All plugin settings are stored in WordPress customizer
  • Listing Manager – Directory & Listings for WooCommerce

    Listing Manager is directory WordPress plugin completely based upon the WooCommerce. You can start your directory website in no time. Plugin is extending WooCommerce product and adds new product types called “Listing” and “Package”. From now you can add new listings in the same was as you were adding regular WooCommerce product.

    The main benefit of building your new directory website upon the WooCommerce is that users workflows on backend remains same. If you know how to add WooCommerce product you know how to create new listing. This approach allows to extend directory website by the plugins supporting WooCommerce. Have you ever wanted to use in your directory payment gateway which was developed only for WooCommerce? From now you are not limited.

    If you are looking for stable solution which has high quality codebase, you are on the right place. Find good developers and use this plugin as the starter framework for your new business. You will get great value for a small price. Plugin has tons of WordPress features and template engine which allows you to extend the functionality as needed.

    Create Directory Platform

    With the Listing Manager you can create robust directory website by using the knowledge of WooCommerce and WordPress. For all WooCommerce experienced users the UI will be familiar and ease to use. By using the WooCommerce as a cornerstone you can start building complex websites. All skilled developers will be happy to work the plugin because all code is well structured and of course easy to extend via WordPress filters and actions.

    Deep WooCommerce Integration

    Listing Manager is robust plugin focusing on the deep integration with the WooCommerce. All listings, packages, micropayments are special WooCommerce product types. Such an approach allows us to create directory solution reusing best features of well know e-commerce plugin. From our point of the view, the best thing is that is not required to reinvent the wheel and users can use the WooCommerce cart, checkout and third party plugins to create directory website.

    Front End Forms Field Builder

    Create custom front end submission forms for the directory website within admin area. All front end forms are divided into three custom post types: forms, fieltsets and fields. Multiple fields are bundled into fieldsets and fieldsets are assigned to custom form. So users are able to select listing form before adding the submission. Please note that the field builder is for the front end forms. These options are not applied for form in admin area.

    Listing Product Type

    When creating new product set the product type to “Listing” and new fields will be available. We added location, address, contact, social, event and many other fields.

    Front End Submission

    Core functionality of this directory plugin is to allow users to post their submissions from the front end. It is not required to allow access to WordPress back end to post the listings. Plugin has dozens of predefined custom fields. If you want to just reorder, remove or add new field it is not problem at all. Listing Manager is incorporating field builder so you can change all fields without touching the source. Of course plugin has filter for that so if you are experienced developer you can implement you own business logic for front end fields.

    Google Maps

    In Listing Manager it is possible to use Google Maps by using shortcode or widget. Maps are containg serveral interesting options. It is possible to defined own custom filter structure, flexible toolbar, redirect URL, show all markers, autosubmit, live filter on the map, zoom, button text, height and so on.

    WooCommerce Memberships Support

    By selecting “Memberships” option in “Customizer – Listing Manager Submission” you enable WooCommerce Memberships support in plugin. You can create you own plans. Plugin supports max. number of listings per plan. There are no other options but if you are looking for something certain, feel free to contact us.

    Package System

    Easily create unlimited amount of packages and allow your users to purchase the package which fits their needs. Again the package is special WooCommerce product type called “Package”. After selecting this product type on edit screen, package related fields will appear. Package is added into cart and then user must proceed the checkout. When the package is going to expire, user will be notified about package expiration and then it is possible to extend package duration.


    By using micropayments you can easily monetize your website. It is possible to create three types of micropayments for publishing the listing, making it featured and claiming the listing by user. All micropayments are just regular WooCommerce products with the special product type “Micropayment”. After creating the micropayment it is just required to assign proper product in “Customizer – Listing Manager Micropayments”. Paying for this transaction is exactly same as you are purchasing regular WooCommerce product so the microtransaction is added into cart and user is required to proceed the checkout.

    Claim Listing

    Users are able to easily claim each listing, if it is not already claimed. After the sending the claim request, it is completely up to the site admin to approve or decline the request. For the claiming of the listing we created micropayment so in Listing Manager you can charge your users for claiming listing.

    Favorite Listings

    Plugins supports to favorite the listings. Functionality is bundled right in the core. Users will be able to easily collect their favorite listings and then check them on the front end. The front end list of favorite listings is handled by shortcode. Users must be authenticated to favorite listings.

    Report Listings

    Allow users to report listing which is breaking the rules. Admin approval is always required to accept or decline report query so you don’t have to worry about automatic unpublishing listing from false reports. Report listing functionality is available only for authenticated users.

    Visual Composer

    In Listing Manager we are implementing useful Visual Composer components for building pages without touch the source code. Plugin is incorporating Google Map, filter and listings components.

    Real Estate

    We developed real estate specific functionality for Listing Manager. You can add your properties, assign location, categories, set the contract and so on. There is no problem to map properties to agents and then agents to companies. Everything was developed to bring the best flexibility to create the real estate solution.

    Plugin supports: reference number, year built, rooms, contract (e.g. rent, sale, sold), bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, parking slots, home area, lot area, lot dimensions.

    Custom Filters

    Plugin has over dozen of prepared filters for searching the content. You don’t have to install third party plugins to have advanced filtering functionality. You can still use use some of the famous third party WooCommerce filtering plugins. They will works as expected becase plugin is build upon the WooCommerce.

    Custom Listing Review Ratings

    Create unlimited star ratings fields for your review forms. You can specify name, number of stars and reguired attributes per each rating. After review submission new average rating is assigned to listing. You can create new ratings under “Listing Manager – Review Ratings”.

    Translation Ready

    All strings are properly wrapped into translation functions so it is not a problem to translate the plugin at all. You can find translation catalogues under languages folder.

    Code Quality Matters

    In Listing Manager we are focusing on the code quality so everything is well coded and structured. For the developers it will be pleasure to code new functionality because we are using classes and namespaces for everything so it will be easy to dig in code. One more thing, we are using annotations for do_action() and do_filter().


    • Fully supported WooCommerce, Front end submission, Package system, Claim listing, Visual Composer support, Custom filters, Inquire form, Login, register, change password, renew password, Google Maps, Event date start support, Contact information, Set listing GPS, Statistics, Branding information, Opening hours, Listing price support, Report listing, Price formatting, Favorite listing, Inquire after login support, Social connections support, Locations & Amenities support, Listing categories and tags, Photo galleries, Pricing tables, Translation ready, Write listing reviews

    Frequenty Asked Questions

    Which plugins are required for running Listing Manager?

    You must install WooCommerce which is essential and CMB2 for storing custom meta fields. We are using some other plugins like Regenerate Thumbnails, Say What and Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

    I installed the plugin but my site doesn’t look like a demo.

    This happens because theme doesn’t provide styles for Listing Manager. You can use the plugin as expected but it is needed to add at lease few styles to make it match your theme styles. We recommend to contact theme author for adding these styles. If you are looking for same theme, you can find it in the package downloaded from CodeCanyon.

    I can not find any settings. Where are located?

    In Listing Manager we are using Customizer for storing your directory & listing website settings. Just navigate into “Customizer” and you will see panels for Listing Manager. The most important panel is “Listing Manager Pages” which is fundamental for running directory website. Feel free to check out documentation for more information.

    How can I add new listing?

    All listings are regular WooCommerce products so you can add them exactly how you add WooCommerce produsts. Just make sure that you are setting product type to “Listing”. This is the great way how to make your products compatible with the WooCommerce. You can use same approach for creating new packages or micropaymens, just set proper product type.

    I want refund because XYZ.

    Before requesting refund please make sure that you checked refund policies chapter “When a refund does not need to be given”. When you decided to raise a request don’t forget to describe as much as possible what exactly is not working.


    v2.5.5 – 12/26/2017

     * FEATURE: "Customizer - Listing Manager Submission - Roles" only certain roles has an access to submission form * FEATURE: packages widgets "Listing Manages: Packages" * IMPROVEMENT: favorite list has direct link to remove * IMPROVEMENT: raising errors in shortcodes * FIX: company listing count 

    v2.5.4 – 12/12/2017

     * IMPROVEMENT: video field description * IMPROVEMENT: stream template checks * IMPROVEMENT: categories widget has settings for limiting parent & child term number * FIX: admin actions * FIX: submission fields processing 

    v2.5.3 – 11/28/2017

     * FEATURE: listings widget improvements: show pagination, order and order by options * FIX: front end listing submission save price 

    v2.5.2 – 11/27/2017

     * FEATURE: Get overview about all custom fields: Admin Bar -> Listing Manager - Front End Field * FEATURE: See all cron jobs under: Admin Bar -> Listing Manager - Cron * IMPROVEMENT: customization options * IMPROVEMENT: display currency for price fields * IMPROVEMENT: performance * IMPROVEMENT: updated translation catalogue * FIX: shortcode notices * FIX: packages extend information * FIX: listing update with active membership * FIX: customization disabled forms 

    v2.5.1 – 11/20/2017

     * IMPROVEMENT: plugin activation refactoring * IMPROVEMENT: updated libraries * IMPROVEMENT: submission form CSS classes 

    v2.5.0 – 09/12/2017

     * FEATURE: fields widget for displaying custom fields (in custom field definition it is required to mark a checkbox) 

    v2.4.6 – 08/22/2017

     * FIX: Listing attachment removal 

    v2.4.5 – 08/14/2017

     * FIX: dependency 

    v2.4.4 – 07/24/2017

     * FIX: statistics ordering * FIX: show/hide statistics at the bottom of listing 

    v2.4.3 – 07/18/2017

     * IMPROVEMENT: tiles and listings widget category, locations options * FIX: report form 

    v2.4.2 – 06/22/2017

     * FIX: map ids 

    v2.4.1 – 06/19/2017

     * IMPROVEMENT: video link description * FIX: review logic * FIX: admin map search 

    v2.4.0 – 06/09/2017

     * FEATURE: hiding forms from "Customizer - Listing Manager Submission" * FEATURE: Google Map custom field for builder * IMPROVEMENT: front end submission form validation 

    v2.3.3 – 06/08/2017

     * IMPROVEMENT: Visual Composer support 

    v2.3.2 – 06/03/2017

     * FIX: submission validation when package system activated 

    v2.3.1 – 06/02/2017

     * FIX: current URL 

    v2.3.0 – 05/23/2017

     * FEATURE: compare listings * IMPROVEMENT: updated translation catalogue * IMPROVEMENT: inquire form visibility * IMPROVEMENT: CSS hide for filter form in Google Map widget 

    v2.2.2 – 05/18/2017

     * FIX: submission condition * FIX: memberships 

    v2.2.1 – 05/17/2017

     * FIX: composer dependency * FIX: listing submission notices 

    v2.2.0 – 05/11/2017

     * FEATURE: WooCommerce Memberships plugin support * FEATURE: Dashboard * FEATURE: Google Map single listing widget * FEATURE: Star rating fields for listing review forms * IMPROVEMENT: listing info widget visibility * IMPROVEMENT: purchase listing widget visibility * IMPROVEMENT: font icon for product categories support * IMPROVEMENT: font icon for amenities support * FIX: statistics * FIX: filter widget form autosubmit 

    v2.1.0 – 05/10/2017

     * FEATURE: unlimited submission types * FEATURE: added car fields * FEATURE: added job fields * FEATURE: revamped field builder * FEATURE: purchase widget * FEATURE: inquire form widget * FEATURE: listing info widget & shortcode 

    v2.0.1 – 04/28/2017

     FIX: general fields FIX: Google Map single shortcode 

    v2.0.0 – 04/26/2017

     * FEATURE: completely refactored Google Maps * FEATURE: listing verified attribute * FEATURE: categories widget * FEATURE: listings widget * FEATURE: tiles widget * FEATURE: verified attribute for listing product type * FEATURE: call to action widget * FEATURE: workflow for extending packages * FEATURE: notifications before package expiration * FEATURE: Visual Composer orderby for Listings element * FEATURE: inventory options for "Listing" product type * FEATURE: array() -> [] * FEATURE: class loader * FEATURE: WooCommerce 3.0 support 


    • Images on our demo site are not a part of package. Downloadable package contains only placeholders.


    • Font family: Poppins
    • Images: Picjumbo

    Tags: event, map, ad, advertisement, automotive, business, car, company, directory, frontend submission, listing, real estate, woocommerce, classified

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