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Mintly v1.52 - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App

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Mintly - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App (item ID: 32911382) is an item from in category mobile. This is a premium item and their price is $199 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author MintSoft sold about 278 items from the release date 2021-06-30. Mintly - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App enjoys sound reputation, so 19 user(s) rated it with 4.32 stars. Now, you can free download Mintly - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.

This is the one and only hack-proof Gaming Rewards App on CodeCanyon where users cannot illegally get rewarded by manipulating the app source code. Neither from advertisements nor from games.

Mintly is Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards app that contains both Games and Offerwalls which will help you to monetize your app while entertaining.
It has a powerful Admin Panel that comes with the app source code for free to control most of the jobs remotely without updating the app often.

Is there any better rewards app available on market with more functionalities than Mintly?

Multi-game platform: Quiz, Image Puzzle, Word Guessing, Jigsaw Puzzle, Scratcher, Lotto, Spin Wheel, Slot games are pre-integrated. All of them are hack proof.

Quiz: we added hack proof real-time quiz tournament along with other categorized quiz games. We also added AI math bot to generate random math question based on your given function so user won’t get bored on same question multiple times.

Word Guessing: unlimited questions can be added remotely by using the backend. It also supports image displaying method to guess the object name in displayed picture.

Image Puzzle: this game can be administered by using the backend like adding new game category, picture, reward amount, completion time, complexity etc.

Jigsaw Puzzle: just like the Image Puzzle game this game is also can be controlled by the backend.

Scratcher: with the powerful backend you can add as many scratch cards as you want. You can also customize the scratch card remotely. You can change scratching area, card purchase cost, reward amount, difficulty level, card expiry date etc.

Lotto: you can add 5-set match winner remotely for highest reward. Also difficulty level, round cost, daily chances etc.

Spin Wheel: with the backend you can customize the wheel spinning area, can set daily limit, spin cost, color etc. You can also reward the player by in-app currency or by scratch card. It can also set by the backend.

Slot Game: you can set round cost, minimum icon match to reward, slot columns & rows, machine speed, daily playing limit. You can customize reward amount by icon value and slot line value. You can also customize winning lines from the backend. HTML5 Games: you can remotely add any web games without touching your app source code. Can set the game orientation (portrait or landscape).

Daily check-in: daily check-in facility added for up to 10 days. Random check-in reward can be modified from the backend. You can also reduce the check-in items. It’s not good to reward the user for free for extended period of time so user can only look for free things.

Chat room: we added chat room feature for all the users to chat in a room. Users can do voice chat along with texting. Also they can share image or songs by external link or by uploading from his device. Admin can enable/disable the chat room anytime remotely by using the backend. The backend can also limit uploading file size or even disable uploading contents in the chat room. Admin can also administer word censorship from the backend. Moreover, Admin can chat from the backend with special badge.

Offerwalls: other than SDK and own custom offerwall we added YouTube ad Web offerwalls along with Rewarded Video offers. It also has AdMob interstitial ads that can be activated at certain event. Not enough? You can any new API based offerwall remotely by using the backend without touching your source code. Why would you pay extra for adding new offerwall? Isn’t it awesome? There is more awesome thing to reveal, which is now you can remotely configure your SDK ad networks by using the backend including Admon App ID, Unit ID etc.

Multiple notification system: we added three types of notification system. Text or multimedia push notification, Global notification, Private notification system.

Fraud Prevention: we upgraded our fraud shield. Now banned user will also get his device banned. There is also VPN detection system, rooted device blocker, auto ban method.

There are many other things that cannot be described with a short description. It’s better if you check out our demo app and the demo backend by yourself.


This item requires intermediate knowledge of server and android application compilation. If you don’t know what and how this item is working, you better have someone with you who is technical enough to understand all these things. You can hire one of our developers to handle these matters but this kind of special service will cost you.

Mintly is officially listed only on Codecanyon. Beware of counterfeit item from elsewhere.


We can modify the source code to meet your expectations as long as it doesn’t break Google Developer Policy Guidelines. Contact our support service with your requirements only after purchasing the source code. This kind of customization service is a paid service.

Customization service available with a reasonable service charge. Customization can be just color change to completely redesign the app and its function to meet your preference. You have to provide a base design of interest so we will have an idea about your UI preference and can tell you the customization cost.

License type

One license (Regular or Extended) is for single domain-package use only.


Latest Android Studio to compile the app.
Linux hosting with PHP version 7.3 – 7.4+ to install the backend.
PHP version 8.2 supported backend is also available in our update center

Update logs

Version 1.66 (4 Oct, 2023) - Upgraded to the new API level 34 (Android 14) - Updated libraries and dependencies to the latest release. Version 1.65 (7 July, 2023) - Added option in the backend to disable static games (requires backend update). - Updated dependencies and libraries to the latest version. Version 1.64 (11 May, 2023) - Added extra layer of protection to the HTML5 games reward system. - Added new feature "Task Offers" which will allow customers to add any kind of task in their system. - Added option to show / hide task feature remotely by using the backend. - Updated libraries to the latest version. Version 1.63 (20 Mar, 2023) - Added notification permission request for Android 13 and above. - Updated dependencies and libraries to the latest. Backend updates (9 Feb, 2023) - Implemented Nofitication Offer. It will use push message to send specific offer to the user (supports macros). When user clicks on the push notification it will open the offer link. - Delete any user from the backend except Admin. - Backend will automatically disable Redeem Screen from the app if AdMob is enabled (we were forced to add this system because of those customers who do not read respective network's terms before using them). - Video and SDK Offerwalls can be added by importing configuration file. Version 1.62 (6 Feb, 2023) - Improved API Offerwall feature (now more complex API Offerwalls can be added). - Improved location tracking system (undefined location can be tracked by 3rd party service provider). - Optimized some core functions. - Updated libraries and dependencies to the latest. Version 1.61 (3 Jan, 2023) - Added "Emulator Blocker" feature to prevent false leads from ad networks. - Updated libraries and dependencies to the latest. Version 1.60 (23 Nov, 2022) - SDKs update. - Updated dependencies and libraries. Version 1.59 (4 Oct, 2022) - Added Android 13 compatibility. - Replaced SafetyNet with Play Integrity to comply with the latest Google Play Policy. - Updated Web Offerwall handler to work with additional custom add-ons. - Updated dependencies to the latest version. Version 1.58 (6 Aug, 2022) - Added new feature called Pay Per View (PPV). - To comply with Google Play Policy we added option to delete user-account by user himself from the profile screen. - Added option to prevent registration by using disposable email address. - Updated gradle and other libraries to the latest version. Version 1.57 (4 July, 2022) - Updated Unity Ads SDK to comply with latest Google Play Policy. - Improved IronSrc ads reloading function. - More mediation networks in Applovin. - Updated Libraries, Dependencies and Gradle version to the latest. Version 1.56 (7 May, 2022) - Added "Ignore" and "Report" options to the chat room feature to comply with Google Play Policy. - Added "app-ads.txt" management feature in the backend. - Updated libraries to the latest version. Version 1.55 (8 April, 2022) - Improved chat feature stability. - Added option to prevent slang words in chat room. - Added option to enable/disable registration email verification. - Added option to use app for registration confirmation link. - Added option to reset password from the app by clicking on reset password link. - Removed Google Play installation tracker due to Google Play tightening restriction on checking installed apps. Version 1.54 (1 March, 2022) - Added Password Change option to the profile screen in the app. - Added Chat Room feature. - Added Voice, Music, Image sharing options to the Chat Room feature. - Added option to remotely enable or disable * Chat Room, * Voice share, * Music share, * Image share. - Updated libraries to the latest. - Minor bug fixes. ......... ............ ......... Version 1.00 (1 July, 2021) - Initial release. 
1.CPUMe provide the latest version of Mintly - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App. Even though it is impossible to guarantee that all items here contain nulled version or purchased code. We do not undertake any technology and copyright issues, there is no obligation to provide any technical support.
2.This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use. We will try to avoid the virus and keep the items pure. We will not liable for any responsibility caused by above actions and will reserve the right to the legal responsibility.
3.We highly recommend to buy Mintly - Advanced Multi Gaming Rewards App from the official site. In addition to a full range of services, you may avoid any security issues.

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