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PrivateContent v8.40 - Multilevel Content Plugin

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PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin (item ID: 1467885) is an item from in category wordpress. This is a premium item and their price is $35 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author LCweb sold about 11891 items from the release date 2012-02-01. PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin enjoys sound reputation, so 674 user(s) rated it with 4.47 stars. Now, you can free download PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.

PrivateContent is a powerful, yet easy, solution to boost wordpress, turning it into a true multilevel membership platform.

Complete users management, a modern form framework and a unique engine to restrict any part of your website. Everything without coding skills!

It is also GDPR compliant!

Features list

  • Users membership
    • Unlimited user levels
    • Unlimited levels assignment per user
    • Admin manual insertion
    • Unlimited and flexible registration forms
    • Fast and intuitive list management
    • Sorting and simple + advanced search
    • Global or tailored users assignment to targeted WP users, by category
    • Multi-status: active / disabled / pending approval
    • Users action tracking through Google Analytics or User Activities add-on
    • Export and import systems
    • Direct WordPress users bulk import

  • Contents restriction systems: (based on user categories + custom through API)
    • PrivateContet shortcode with optional warning box containing login/register buttons
    • Advanced restrictions wizard + restrictions helper included in any public post type or taxonomy
      • Pages / posts / custom post types / categories / custom taxonomies total restriction through redirect
      • Pages / posts / custom post types contents replacing with warning box or excerpt or also nothing
      • Comments form hiding
      • Persistent modal lightbox on page’s opening to force user’s interaction

    • Custom (URL-based) restriction with regular expressions support
    • Menu items
    • WooCommerce products sell lock and price hiding
    • Widgets
    • Any Elementor widget (or column or section)
    • Any Gutenberg block
    • Complete, 1-click, website lock (optionally leaving menu visible)

  • Form framework:
    • Flexible fields structure
    • Form pages to split fields into sections
    • Optional form pages navigator
    • HTML5 client-side validation
    • Text blocks and separators
    • Custom categories assignment (through shortcode)
    • Custom redirect (through shortcode)
    • Password strength setup
    • Anti-spam systems: honey-pot or invisible reCAPTCHA (v2 or v3)
    • Login’s anti-bruteforce system
    • Two layouts: one-column / fluid
    • Three customizable preset styles + custom skin builder
    • Field and buttons icon + fields placeholder
    • Bottom border + no-label field styles
    • Registration and login forms alignment
    • Mail-only regisrtation mode

  • Six message/warning styles, adapting to any website design
  • Lightbox engine showing forms (or any content) clicking any site’s element
  • Login form and logout button with custom redirects
  • Optional login sessions token to avoid concurrent logins from the same username
  • User self-deletion box
  • Users reserved area with preset contents and private comments
  • WP users sync to allow WP-based systems usage + WP roles emulator
  • User frontend registration and management through any form (using WP user sync)
  • Native Visual Composer, Elementor and Divi integration
  • Customizable messages
  • 100% translatable + 26 frontend languages ready to be used + WPML or Polylang ready
  • Dev-friendly API structure + hooks
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Modular structure (check add-ons)

Online Documentation

Simply the fastest and best way to get started, always up to date.
Check it!

Plugin add-ons

    Premium Plans

  • Unlimited pay subscription plans
  • Time-limited subscriptions
  • Plan’s trial period
  • WooCommerce based (taking advantage of payment gateways and invoicing systems)
  • Discount coupons support
  • Auto-renewal + recurring payments support

    User Data

  • Unlimited form fields with targeted validations
  • Conditional fields engine for any form
  • Combo-option fields
  • Unlimited data-update forms
  • Forced password reset system
  • Conditional contents restriction shortcode
  • User data display shortcode

    Mail Actions

  • E-mail campaigns engine with attachments support
  • Unlimited HTML e-mail templates
  • Password recovery system
  • Users verification via e-mail
  • Admin and subscriber notifications
  • Welcome and goodbye messages
  • Mailchimp seamless integration

    Files Manager

  • Complete users management
  • Best restrictions engine on the market
  • True forms framework
  • Lightbox engine
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Super extensible through hooks and APIs

    User Activities

  • Track any logged user activity on your website
  • No external service required (100% data ownership)
  • Activities report with chart and details table
  • Unlimited customizable reports + PDF export
  • Numeric data support (eg. e-commerce incomes)
  • Scheduled e-mail reports with PDF attached
  • Real-time events tracking


  • PrivateContent uses a standalone users database, apart from WP one
  • Please note that synced wordpress user are kept out of website’s admin side
  • Exported users can’t be re-imported since private page and category IDs vary on each installation


You can find the changelog here

1.CPUMe provide the latest version of PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin. Even though it is impossible to guarantee that all items here contain nulled version or purchased code. We do not undertake any technology and copyright issues, there is no obligation to provide any technical support.
2.This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use. We will try to avoid the virus and keep the items pure. We will not liable for any responsibility caused by above actions and will reserve the right to the legal responsibility.
3.We highly recommend to buy PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin from the official site. In addition to a full range of services, you may avoid any security issues.

# Server Resource Title Uploaded at Download
1 C PrivateContent v8.40 - Multilevel Content Plugin 18 December 2022 Download
2 C PrivateContent v8.08 - Multilevel Content Plugin 08 January 2022 Download
3 C PrivateContent v7.33 - Multilevel Content Plugin 22 May 2021 Download
4 C PrivateContent v7.311 - Multilevel Content Plugin 25 July 2020 Download
5 C PrivateContent v7.23 - Multilevel Content Plugin 07 March 2020 Download
6 C PrivateContent v7.201 - Multilevel Content Plugin 15 September 2019 Download
7 C PrivateContent v7.1.3 - Multilevel Content Plugin 06 July 2019 Download
8 C PrivateContent v7.1.2.1 - Multilevel Content Plugin 12 May 2019 Download
9 C PrivateContent v7.1.1 - Multilevel Content Plugin 28 October 2018 Download
10 C PrivateContent v7.021 - Multilevel Content Plugin 02 June 2018 Download
11 C PrivateContent v7.0 - Multilevel Content Plugin 20 May 2018 Download
12 C PrivateContent v6.22.1 - Multilevel Content Plugin 24 March 2018 Download
13 C PrivateContent v6.22 - Multilevel Content Plugin 17 March 2018 Download
14 C PrivateContent v6.063 - Multilevel Content Plugin 14 January 2018 Download
15 C PrivateContent v6.042 - Multilevel Content Plugin 21 October 2017 Download
16 C PrivateContent v6.03 - Multilevel Content Plugin 14 August 2017 Download
17 C PrivateContent v6.0 - Multilevel Content Plugin 15 July 2017 Download
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