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V-Park - Smart parking managment App

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V-Park ( Smart parking managment App ) (item ID: 23670305) is an item from in category mobile. This is a premium item and their price is $59 with regular license. According to some statistics, the author WK-DEEP sold about 49 items from the release date 2019-04-18. V-Park ( Smart parking managment App ) enjoys sound reputation, so 4 user(s) rated it with 4.75 stars. Now, you can free download V-Park ( Smart parking managment App ) in CPUMe. Remember this item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.

V-PARK (Smart Vehicle Parking App)

V-Park is a smart parking app, its extraordinary parking management app, not need to buy huge hardware to maintain vehicle parking if we use V-park 

This includes features and benefits that align with your parking strategy and goals, as well as being completely re-named and branded to your color specifications and brand guidelines and will be available as a stand-alone app on Google Play stores.

  • Manage different types of parking (eg: disabled, VIP, guest)
  • Track inbound and outbound traffic of vehicles
  • Define and manage parking spaces.
  • track allocated and vacant parking slots

How V-Park Works

Normally parking manager or employee will have this app, for example in mall there is one parking manager/employee stand on entry gate in parking then, if vehicle come for parking then he will just scan vehicle number plate then he can see how much payment we need to take for parking as per vehicle type , then app will auto-suggest which is next vacant parking is available to park this vehicle and he can print pass , then its very easy to park vehicle on decided parking slot for customer

Types of customers may there for parking 

1. employee for the organization 
2. VIP customer
3. normal Customer
4. Subscription customer

1. For Employees:- Employees must have RFID based prepaid cards then whenever they want to park their vehicles then they need to show this card to the parking manager to scan his card for getting a parking pass.

2.VIP Customers:- If someone comes for parking and he is VIP person then parking manager just scan this vehicle and assign as a VIP pass, without any parking fees his pass will be print 

3. Normal customers:- parking manager just scan his vehicle number and customer must have pay cash amount for this parking pass 

4. Subscription customers:- subscription customers must have to get prepaid RFID card from admin for regular parking, he can recharge cards by paying money to admin then no need to pay cash for parking pass just give your card to paring manager auto balance will be debit from the card balance 

 What You Will Get

App source code (Android Studio)
Admin panel source code (CodeIgniter)
User guide
Demo Apk

Admin Panel Details

User:- [email protected]
Pass:- demo123

App credentials

User:- 9999999999
Pass:- 1234

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